a dedication to the wandering

June 9, 2017

you don’t realize
it, but you taught
express emotions,
my heart may
have stopped for
long ago,
but don’t
my silence
for an eternal death to diamonds.
because of you, I’ve
to realize how
much prettier
crystals can be than
anything you

for nothing sacred is ever eternal.


death of a child

June 8, 2017

you told me
you would have married perfection if you could.
i saw
you would have cared for perfection if you could.
instead, you could only love
the acceptable
amidst the mess you created.
oh, but the beauty died
within her each
passing day
under the shadows of
your being–
deprived of the sun, of everything you didn’t have.
and yet you wonder
the obvious
why was
your mass of

i swallowed
the syrup you fed into my system.
you told me you were always right.

my labyrinth

June 6, 2017

some fear the
of wandering
in the foreign
mess, tangle, chaos–
the lack of soundness
ringing too
, but the labyrinth of your mind
is everything
i wanted to be
trapped in.
can one ever be confined in something more beautiful than the very existence of being and consciousness from which you stem?
maybe the
mass of
will one day

the one (that got away)

June 5, 2017

i surround myself
dead roses,
plastic toys,
torn out books,
empty music–
its sight
gives me
dominance may be a construct
, but so were you,
and you seemed like the
only part of
me that
was real.
i need purpose
even though we weren’t
i can’t help but
think that the part
of me
that you took away


June 3, 2017

“I have two priorities in this world (or at least in what we see of it)– my established systems of deception and acceptance.

Now, if you ask me which comes after the other, I will tell you to stop embarrassing yourself. You’re only trying to act witty because you think people like this version of you. I will tell you to stop because frankly the chicken or the egg debate gets old.

People trying to assert superiority over one another with petty speech and cheap humor isn’t anything new. I like to tell myself that these people could be shifting this attention to solving the world’s problems– stopping global warming, curing cancer, and whatnot. It’s funny to imagine a world where people actually do useful shit with their lives. Then again, what would happen to the businesses that feed on the misfits of society? Entertainment businesses would lose capital because people would be busy maintaining productivity; the drugs, alcohol, and sex industries would play a lesser role in our capitalist system. If you look at the big picture, people in this world would also think they’ve achieved self sufficiency when really they’re just feeding back into their individual egos.

But, back to me. I have accepted that I will inevitably need to lie to myself for a sane state of mind; with this, necessitates the maximum level of acceptability to my conscious will . I believe I am happy because that is what I have chosen to tell myself. Who gives a fuck if I cut myself every night and drink myself to sleep? I tell myself things to keep myself sane. I tell other people things to keep them sane. We all accept what I say because we all accept the easiest answers– well, at least the majority of us. Some people think they’re above all that and instead choose to confront the hardest truths. That’s kind of stupid. Choosing to make your life harder doesn’t make you any more respectable. We all know somewhere in there, you’re just trying to prove that you deserve better, that because you’ve gone through hell and back, you now deserve all the glories humanity can offer. All of this only adds on to why lying to yourself and accepting those lies is the best approach to living.

I don’t think I’m a coward for thinking this. Wouldn’t you just love to think this way? All you have to do is let yourself.”

Amidst your words,
do you hear how alive the trees are?