i’m sorry

words let you know
when you deserve them and when
you don’t.

sorry’s thank you’s i love you’s

are these sounds enough to capture all of me,
all of you,
all of who and what we are?
because i’ve written out my apologies a million times
in my head, but
the best i can come up with
is the same 3 syllables–
have you ever wished to take back your silence,
but realize you once again have nothing else to give?

i sent my love.
it read like nothing but the empty promises we made
back when we overestimated what we could do–
when we chose to revolve our beings around the comfort of good morning’s and good night’s.

we were bound because we believed that letters were more than letters,
that the sounds rolling off our tongues will one day change the world.
maybe they will.

but i guess ours weren’t enough to.

i never heard the sound of
you reading aloud to me.
(i wish i could have)

-only his words stayed