A sigh sounds-

by the space of words unspoken.

The pages cease its flutters
The gift of silence is bestowed upon none


the weight of words

how the notion of a word
can hold so much
is unfathomable

a word is nothing
but a breath of air,
a vibration of sound,
a figure of lines,
a graze of his stare,
a quick pause
in the moment-
nothing but the very lightest
of our being

yet it is the feather that has painted
crimson histories,
the boy’s last note to the world,
the tales of necessary lies,
the false hopes from his political agenda,
her undying love in the light of her dying
wish, her final promise, her final vow
(with words).

For I realized what it meant to need someone
like the passion of the sky that kisses the horizon of the earth.

perhaps it is only through this weight that
we rise